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Thoughts and Distractions

A Very Personal Blog of Opinions & Ordinary Stuff

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4 May 1966
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This is my personal blog. Everything I write in here is for my own pleasure about my day to day boring and mundane life. I have lots of opinions so uou may not like what I have to say, if so, please don't read it and please don't make nasty posts.

The stuff below if the official blurb.

Speaker, educator and writer on adventurous sex. From my home base in San Francisco I travel all over teaching classes on how to bring sizzle and joy to your sex life - whether you're wilder or milder. I've taught all over the US and Canada. I've presented in London and many cities in the UK, Berlin, Amsterdam, Vienna and Copenhagen. (If you'd like me to present to your event, organization or school, just drop me a line.)
You may have seen some of my performance art pieces. (Skin Two Rubber Ball, Berlin Fetish Ball, etc.) They mostly involve evocative bondage and elaborate suspension pieces like bodies trapped and dancing in air. Sometimes I MC shows such as Mr. Leather Toronto

I have three books out at this time: "Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage", "Wild Side Sex: The Book of Kink" and "Foot and Shoe Worship." I've written for numerous magazines and anthologies, both fiction and non-fiction. I've been in front of the camera a little bit: Playboy (I think it was April 94) and been shot by Eric Kroll, Steve Diet Goette, Michele Serchuk and a few others - but I'm not a professional model. Sometimes I do the rigging and shoot the images of beautiful men and women bound, for my erotic and articist pleasures.

I was born in Kyoto, Japan and raised in Tokyo in a feminist, intellectual household until the age of 14. I came over to the US unable to read or write English... managed to catch up with some good ESL training. Joined the US Army as a Reservist and did some time in active duty. Graduated from U.C. Berkeley. Moved to San Francisco to explore the sexual underground. Has it already been twenty years? How time flies in pleasure and bliss in paradise.
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