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Trials, Tribulation, Blood, Sweat, Tears, and a Video - Report from our Oaxaca performance.

Video from Our Performance in Oaxaca! + Jan classes San Francisco + Bang 4 The Buck Women's Party in Seattle

Wednesday December 18, 2013, Table Of Contents

  1. Video from Our Performance in Oaxaca!
  2. January Classes/Events (San Francisco)
  3. Bang 4 The Buck Women's Party. Tix on sale Jan 4!
  4. Rope Bondage Dojo Washington DC (Mar 29-30) only 8 seats left!
  5. ForteFemme NYC (Jan 31-Feb 2) Early Registration Rate ends soon.
  6. My Online Hangouts


The performance happened! It totally rocked. Amazing piece. Beautiful, moving, innovative… Thank you to each and everyone of you—from our backers to the amazing international crew. YOU made this happen and your support during this journey is heartwarming.

We wanted to reach out to you to talk about the live-streaming element of the project.

There's the sad news and great news… First, the heartache…

Following our thrill of pulling off a beautiful performance, we were crushed the next morning to find out that there was a great technical complication and many viewers in the US weren't able to see it at all! We don't know what went wrong.

Your funding made it possible for us to prepare everything we thought we would need to live-stream the performance. As you can imagine, there were lots of challenges to overcome in a place where we don't speak the language and don't know the way around, but we thought we had done everything right. Here's what happened…

We rented equipment, worked with local staff, rehearsed and rehearsed, and arranged a live stream channel. We set up duel cameras. We checked the equipment, double-checked that the feed was happening. All was good. To add last minute tension to the air, as we prepared for the show the building blew a power fuse, but the local staff jumped on that immediately and it was fixed. We also discovered that the internet access was not stable, so we made the decision to buy more service to the venue. Finally as luck would have it, right before the show began, it rained! Thanks to the quick reflexes of the media team to protect the equipment, all was saved, and the rain passed. Everything looked A-okay to go and we went on with the show—it rocked.

After the high of the great performance, we are all so heartbroken to discover that a good segment of viewers in the US were not able to watch the performance that day! If that was you, please accept our sincerest apologies for the technical snafu. It is important to us to fully share this experience with you.

Now for the great news!

We were able to capture the footage from the cameras. Eliza, through her brilliance, talent and patience, put together a video of what you would have seen. (with any long pauses edited out for you.) Here it is!

Bridge of Mud and Feathers from Eliza Barrios | MOB on Vimeo.

Even better news…

The mini instructional videos we promised all the backers are starting to come out. You'll find them at Eliza's vimeo page:

We'll be releasing more soon…

And to cap this off, sometime during the next year, Eliza will release her own artistic interpretation of the Bridge of Mud & Feathers as a video.

Thank you for supporting us through both the highs and lows of this project, it means the world to us. <3

With love and lunacy,


= = =



• Sat 1/4 Performing at "100 Performances For The Hole" at SoMArts

• Thrs 1/9 "Whip Exquisitely: Hands On Flogging Training" at
The Citadel No experience necessary

• 1/18 to 1/19 Rope Bondage Dojo® Sold out! The waiting list is long. I encourage you to sign up for the Dojo in Washington DC, March 29 to 30.

• Thrs 1/23 "JoyStick Secrets: How to Thrill a Man at Good Vibrations on Polk Street

• 1/31 to 2/2 ForteFemme: Women's Dominance Weekend Intensive Sold out! Please sign up for the weekend in New York, May 16 to 18.

= = =

3. BANG 4 THE BUCK WOMEN’S PARTY! Tix on Sale Jan 4th

Tickets go on sale January 4th: http://bang4thebuck.org

  • When: Saturday, February 22, 2014. 6 pm – 2 am
  • Where: CSPC/The Wet Spot, 1602 - 15th Ave W., Seattle WA

$75 Skip the line, get the best seats and win more stuff!
You get:

  • Big Bang all night ticket
  • Preferred entrance. Skip the line.
  • Special reserve Strip-o-Rama seating in the best area. Front Row baby!
  • $20 Bang Bucks
  • 20 free raffle tickets
  • Special Thank You gift bags

VIP ADVANCED TICKETS (sold online only)
$50 Skip the line, get the best seats and win more stuff!
You get:

  • Big Bang all night ticket
  • Preferred entrance. Skip the line.
  • Special reserve Strip-o-Rama seating in the premium seating area
  • $10 Bang Bucks
  • 10 free raffle tickets
  • Special Thank You gift bags

Big Bang General Ticket (sold online & at the door)
You get:

  • Attendance to the hottest party of the season!
  • General seating

Event Schedule:

  • 6pm - 7pm: Strip lesson for butches and femmes
  • 7:30pm - 10pm: Amateur Strip-O-Rama / Auntie Midori's Meet Market
  • 10pm to 2am: Sizzling Sex & Play Party

Turn your dancer tipping and raffle tickets into tax deductions! You've got 2 ways

1. Before the party, donate directly to AIDS LifeCycle fundraising page. Go to either Midori's Page www.ToFightHIV.org/goto/Midori, or Kelly's Page www.ToFightHIV.org/goto/KellyB and put BANG BUCKS in the message.
Your Bang Bucks will be waiting for you at the party with the Bank of Bang. Your wholesome and entirely non-suggestively titled tax deduction receipt will be mailed to you from AIDS LifeCycle.

2. Buy Bang Bucks at the party. Buy $50 bundles of Bang Bucks at the Bank of Bang, donated directly into AIDS LifeCycle to score tipping money, tax deductions and good karma.

Major Sponsors: The Pleasure Chest, Babeland, The Stockroom, Center for Sex Positive Culture, TwistedMonk, Rope Bondage Dojo

= = =


The only East Coast Rope Bondage Dojo ® this year

Info & Registration RopeDojo.com
Space Limited: 30 students
Cost: $425 /solo $750/pair

Instruction hours: 10am - 7pm both days Rope Dojo logo

Confidence, skill, speed, beauty, intensity, deeper connection, presence and amazing scene control - learn how to make your rope play hotter and better with Rope Bondage Dojo. Now in its 12th year, experience this immersive and balanced training focusing on "Heart-Mind-Hand" approach and the Rope Dojo philosophy.

16+ hours of intensive rope education from five experienced Dojo Cadres. A weekend for all rope players, for those who tie and those who are tied.

Curriculum and FAQ at RopeDojo.com

= = =


NYC ForteFemme. Held at an elegant private loft in SoHo
Limited to 9 women

  • Early registration (ends Jan 31): $800/per woman.
  • Regular registration (from Feb 2): $850/per woman.

ForteFemme logo
To all the wonderful women out there - Be the best dominant you can be!
Find your authentic power, erotic fulfillment, confidence and skills in this unique and transformative intensive.

Experience 3 days of personalized education, psychology, support, technique and more, all in an elegant private setting. Includes a field trip of kinky shopping and dinner. Original material workbook. Meals and refreshments

Registration & Info: www.ForteFemme.com

Sponsored by: The Stockroom , Error! Hyperlink reference not valid.> & New York's very own Purple Passion

= = =


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