Midori (fd_midori) wrote,

How to make Midori's Dildo Harness w scarves

I created this totally cool DIY dildo harness design - and I'm often asked on how to make it, so I'm posting it here to share.
(Yes, I should have photos with this. Soon, my friends. Soon.)

I've encountered enough challenges with so many of the commercially made harnesses, and I know many people also have other issues (privacy, finance, etc) - thus the invention.

Features and advantages
  • Fits everyone!
  • Adjust to position where you want it. (no more pressing on the full bladder or rubbing on the pelvic bone.)
  • Sex is messy, what with sweat, cum, lube and more.
  • This is totally easy to wash. After shagging just toss in the washer and dryer. No more leather care. No more hanging on the laundry line.
  • Camoflages well if children, room-mates or in-laws are a concern.
  • No buckles to stab you. No Velcro to scratch you. No excess straps to adjust and tuck or extenders to add.
  • Much better dildo to harness-wearer contact.
  • Air-travel friendly. Goes on to carry-on or wear it as a scarf for those cold cabins.
  • The bit of excess serves as a "Harder-Now" handle for the sex bottom. Or serves well as lube towels.
  • People who grew their own dicks. They can wear this harness over their home-grown cock - so they can have two!
  • Full access to the bits between the legs. What ever bits you have.
  • Makes one's ass look fabulous! Butt lifting goodness.
Equipment needed for the Midori Scarf Harness:
  • 1 favorite dildo with flanged base
  • 2 scarves (suggested length: multiply hip measure x 1.5. Example 40” hip x 1.5 = two 60” scarves)
  • 2 or more fun people who play well together
Directions for the Midori Scarf Harness:

  1. Take Scarf A and make a loose over-hand knot (“That Knot” if spoken in Midori) at it’s midpoint.
  2. Take Scarf B, place through That Knot, bisecting the Scarf B. Scarf B will now be hanging with two equal length parts.
  3. Take dildo and insert to That Knot.
  4. Tighten Scarf A and That Knot firmly around dildo.
  5. Tie Scarf A snugly and low around the hip. It’s easiest to tie this in front, with the dildo at one’s back and then turn the scarf around. Very important that it be snug.
  6. Place dildo in desired position on the body.
  7. Take one end of Scarf B, hanging from the dildo. Move it back between the legs and under the butt cheek, ending near the hip bone. Tie onto Scarf B near hip bone.
  8. Repeat for remaining end of Scarf b.
  9. Test for security of whole harness.
  10. Shag


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