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San Francisco: Wick Ground (kink coffee shop) progress

For those of you in the San Francisco Area.
Here’s the latest on the much awaited Wicked Ground kinky coffee shop. Forwarding it for your info.

If you’re able to give some support, even moral support, that would be great
This is going to be cool



------ Forwarded Message
From: Wicked Grounds <wickedgrounds@me.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 13:19:57 -0700
Subject: [Wicked Grounds] Update! Readable by all!

WICKED GROUNDS Update! Readable by all!

So some of you couldn't read the other email because it was white on black. Now it's black on white and hopefully you can all read it now! There's also some SPANGLY news from the amazing LOCHAI!

Hello all! Welcome to the mailing list if this is the first mailing that you've gotten! We're still working super hard to be open as soon as possible, but for now I'll just fill you in on the details of what's been going on!

Our problem with the city
So, we were all set to get our plumbing inspection, but it turned out that our landlord didn't get permits to do the underground plumbing work, so we had to rip out the concrete and tiled floor to show the inspector the pipe work. Which turned out to be wrong anyway. So the plumbers had to replace the pipes, wait for another inspection (passed!), and now my landlord has to get a building permit to refill the concrete floor in. This has obviously held us up immensely, but the upside is that we haven't had to pay to sort his problem out.

There is another downside though: the plumbing inspector violated us for all the work that we've already done on the place. All the so-called 'building' work - call me naïve, but I didn't realize we would need permits to box in a pipe! But apparently we did, which then means we needed architect plans, which then triggers our ADA compliance. This has meant more time and expense, but we're finally nearly there and we should be back working by the end of the week.

"Shut up already, and tell us when you'll be open"
Well, that really depends on how the construction and permits go in the next week. But: YOU CAN HELP! GET FREE STUFF (see below!).

We will have plenty of things for people to do: tables still need to be decorated, chairs still need to be re-covered, baseboard and picturerail still needs to be painted (before it goes on the wall) etc. etc.

So: Friday, Saturday and Sunday THIS WEEK are work days: come help out, or come feed us! We'll be working from about 11AM each day at 289 8th Street. Just come day, or give Rose a call on 415 999 8734 to see what's going on before heading down.

The MORE we get done this weekend, the EARLIER we'll be open! We'll be holding a volunteer party where you can WIN FREE STUFF, from people like Alt.com <http://alt.com/> , Bondage.com <https://www.bondage.com/bdn/splash.aspx> , Shibaricon <http://www.shibaricon.com/> , Everything Butt <http://www.everythingbutt.com/site/shoots.jsp> , Hogtied.com <http://www.hogtied.com/site/shoots.jsp?c=1> , and Good Vibrations <http://www.goodvibes.com/main.jhtml> ! Plus, Lochai <http://kirinawa.com/> , who is doing our first GALLERY SHOW, is going to donate a PRINT to give away!

See you all soon!
Rose and Psychokitty

*** Wicked Grounds ***
Kink café and boutique
289 8th Street (@Folsom), San Francisco, CA 94103
T: 415 503 0405 (not active yet!)
E: wickedgrounds@me.com
W: http://www.wickedgrounds.com
Tw: http://twitter.com/wickedgrounds

------ End of Forwarded Message
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