Midori (fd_midori) wrote,

The US Election: It all comes back to high school

"aka Sarah Palin and the truth of why I can't stand her:"

I had a bit of a personal insight the other day... About the root of my preferences for the presidential race this year. Yes, I can sensibly site policy advocacy and calmly list the platform pro-con reasons why I support one set of Pres-VP ticket over the other... all good and reasonable arguments that align with my personal philosophy and hopes for a greater good in society, etc etc.

but when I think about it, it all comes down to high school and who you'd rather hang out with, who you trust and who gave you grief. It's about cliques.

Imagine... make believe that all the candidates are the same school age and in high school with you... say 17 years old.
(hmmm, as for McCain -did they have high schools like we did back in the Cival War era? lol!)

Who would each of the characters of the US presidential race be?

Sarah Palin and the truth of why I can't stand her:
That winking and mugging, the beauty queen back ground, the ease in which she uses influence to get her way, smear other people and then shrug it all off... Doesn't it remind you of a type?
She's the relentlessly bouncy cheer leader, the smiling popular mean girl who'll slide into your personal space as your minding your own business to seem all friendly to mine some juicy tidbit to stab you in the back for fun. She's the one who desperately hides her fears of being irrelevant and inconsequential by attempting to control the social order around her. The vulnerable, the social minority and non believers are ripe target for exploitation to advance her popularity.

John McCain's type and why I can't warm up to him:
He ticks off all the necessary success boxes. He's got that smile and the flag waving. He's the varsity, letter jock. The football player who parties with the quarterback and the cheer leaders. He's not the quarterback, no he's not that good. Sure, he can endure the training and make the cut - but his old man's the big shot, the rich man in town who was the legendary quarterback and the big time sponsor of school programs. He's always got his old man to live up to. So his smile's a bit sad. He tries so hard and he wants to look like the cool guy, but in the end the pressure of his team dictates his play. Yeah, sure, he'll tell you he's a rebel - but he still wants the varsity jacket and ring.

Barack Obama's a type and why I think he's hot:
He's the quiet guy in all my AP classes who was always a few points ahead of me in the GPA and SATs. Even with the fierce academic competition, he's the guy who has the time to help me figure out a particularly difficult home work assignment. He was the guy that's all gangly and geeky but would smile nice at you. He's the guy that disappears during spring break when the rich kids are getting drunk at some hot spot. Later you find out that he was doing volunteer work for Habitat for Humanity or something. He watches. He notices the social dynamics without rancor or bitterness. He seems to gaze at a horizon that most of us can't see yet. He's smart, nice, a bit nerdy and you know he's got the big picture.

Joe Biden's a type I remember:
Debate team. Year after year. Yup. Debateorama. The maestro of deliberation.
Core of student government seat. He's really serious and kind of boring. But you know he's really smart and, *gasp*, actually cares about the quality of our school!

(As for Bill, you know he was hanging out behind the bleachers with Cheech, toking away but acing the SATs, right?)

So you know where my high school clique alligience was/is.
I figure nerds have had their revenge by revolutionizing technology, modern social dynamics and business. So why not give the nerds a turn with the government.

Yeah I was a serious dorky nerd. And I trust my fellow nerds. Nerds are the new cool. Geek is the new sexy.
Testify, oh brother nerds and sister geeks!

Something about this just feels similar from high school for me.... but what at stake is just so much more serious. I am scared and uncertain of what to expect... just one more week.
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