Midori (fd_midori) wrote,

Our Wedding!

Oh it was lovely. What a great little garden party. We're just delighted that our friends could share in the celebration... and so many friends got to connect and reconnect... Memphis Minnie's BBQ was awesome! The "Frank Geary" inspired cake from Citizen Cake was yummy... Redstick Man's spinning was discolicious... The flowers that we all arranged were beautiful... Padre Duane's words were super!
My only regret is that I couldn't spend more time with each person that shared in the lovely day.
Other then that little bit, it was just perfect!

P.S. Funny moments
- The Wedding Fairy Godmother and K caught my mother-in-law snooping in my big closet. They caught her at the vanilla underwear and stockings section and she hadn't yet made it around the corner yet to the whip wall.
- My Hair God arrives, waltzes into the dressing room, past me and into the bathroom to check and fluff his hair.
- Overheard by S and PhotoDiva "Where are all the tied up people? I thought there's be some suspended bodies"
- As the vows were about to begin in the back yard... the friends are assembled, K & I are standing before the Padre... all hushed and sombre... and all at once a Harley starts up on the street below us, setting off a car alarm and someone off in the distance fires off a gun. Every one bursted out laughing - it's so our neighborhood.
- Stuck in my bathroom because the Wedding Fairy Godmother insisted that I be sequested until the vows. Auntie Darryl keeping me company and filling me in on the town gossip. I'm so bored that I dusted most of the bathroom shelves, bottles, tubes and nearly got to cleaning the mirrors and glass door.
- S and Hair God disappears together. Later S emerges with tussled hair and Hair God looking sheepish. S discovers why he's my Hair God.
- Me making out with the roasted pig head
- Humming birds sampling all the flowers up the railing like a drunken glutton at a smorgasboard
- Singing Happy Birthday to Dart. I wonder if he'll write about the birthday present we gave him. Oh and Gary's stifled smile to that!
- My divorce lawyer getting to see what her work helped to make possible and giving up a hand crocheted art card.
- Party conversations on mortuary mishaps

there's more... and we'll post photos too. but have to dash. mmm dim sum!
If you have photos up, post the link here, ok?

Oh we soooo love our friends!
We've decided to throw a garden party for our friends around the same time next year!

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