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Jul 15 Special Los Angeles Classes w Midori & Kumi

(This is a special set of classes, in addition to the 3 classes at The Pleasure Chest that week.

= = =

Midori's Carnal Knowledge Series at Syren, LA
Saturday, July 15, 2006
3:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Syren Latex & Leather
7225 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Directions to event:
Store phone number (323) 936-6693 2 blocks west of N. La Brea Ave.

online booking:

Syren hosts Midori's Carnal Knowledge Series!
3 Unique and Sexy Classes in 1 Day

3:00pm "Hands-on Rope Body Harness" w Midori
5:30pm: "Secrets of the Glamour Life: So you want to be a Fetish
Photographer or Model?" w kumimonster
7:30pm "Military & Interrogation Scenes" w Midori

desriptions follow:

= = =

"Hands-on Rope Body Harness"
3pm - 5pm
$30. Pre registration encouraged. Space limited to 25

Body harnesses are fantastic for creating beautiful, effective, and sexy bondage for all types of bodies and many different sorts of scenes.

You can use a harness for very secure rigging. Or you can make a pretty rope outfit. Create intense harnesses for pain sluts. How about sensual breast bondage? Midori will show you at least 6 different varieties of body
harnesses. You can choose the ones you want to practice with attentive
supervision from Midori.

Dress & Supplies: Wear comfortable clothing that allows freedom of movement. Bring a large towel or yoga mat if you’d like to use the floor. And, of course, bring rope - the more, the merrier! (Suggested minimum: 3 or 4 pieces of 20', 25', or 30' lengths. One or two pieces of 50' would be nice as well. If the rope is for a smaller person, bring the shorter lengths. For a larger person, bring the longer lengths.)


"Secrets of the Glamour Life: So you want to be a Fetish Model/Photographer?" with kumimonster
5:30pm - 7pm
July 15

$30. Pre registration encouraged. Space limited to 25.

Want to get into the biz? Or maybe you just want to take a peek behind
the mystique. Here's your chance to get the low-down and gritty. Full
frontal reality of the fetish life! Hot off a plane from working in
Europe, Kumi, a.k.a. Kumi Monster, brings direct and honest answers to
questions without the sugar-coating. (Don't forget to bring your own questions). Find out about the real differences between the US and European scene. (Type of work, models, standards of physical appearance, websites, parties, performances). Fetish modeling/photography can be loads of fun but offer little profit, so how can one make a living doing this? She'll discuss the ethical, legal, and personal realities of the fetish "industry". Other topics: getting published, getting outfits, copyright issues, travelling, net-working, and making contacts. She answers the ubiquitous question of "can I be a fetish model and not show my tits?" , "how do I get free latex?", etc.

according to Kumi: I am a fetish & bondage model/performer with just about a decade of experience (well over 30 and can't wait to be 40). I collect latex, air miles, languages (mostly bad words), history books, and passport stamps. You can find me in or on any number of fetish books and magazines as well as on stage in various locations. I've worked and performed in numerous cities from Athens to London, Madrid to Warsaw, and even in the US as well (Hawaii to Florida) A variety of perverts have been kind enough to work with me, from Steve Diet Goedde, Dave Naz, Christine Kessler, and Kelly Lind in Los Angeles to long-time fetish shooters like Eric Kroll & Charles Gatewood in San Francisco. Other well-known shooters include James & James(UK), Ben Westwood(UK), Christophe Mourthe(FR), Gilles Berquet(FR), Wolfgang Eichler(DE), Peter Czernich(DE), Tony Ward(NL), and the list goes on.


"Military & Interrogation Scenes"
7:30pm - 9:30pm
$30. Pre registration encouraged. Space limited to 25.

Crisp uniforms. Commanding women and dashing men. Relentless discipline. Cruel interrogators. Physically demanding training.

If these images make your heart beat faster, then march don't walk to this class! Your military play might involve only two people or a large cast with complicated coordination. Midori will discuss the different types of scenes, how to prepare for them, how to maintain your roles, and how to do it all safely. Expect intense scenes demonstrated right before your eyes!
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